Monday, September 26, 2016

Inflatable pontoon boats are also called “belly boats”

Inflatable pontoon boats are also called “belly boats” and are popular for fishing. They are lightweight craft with a rocking chair. Inflatable pontoon boat owners say they like the freedom from trailers and ramps, as well as the Pontoon’s stability on windy waters.Pontoon boats for fishing are small, usually not more than 8 feet long. How it works is that two Pontoons sit on either side of the user. Pontoon hulls are shaped in a V hull pattern, greatly minimizing water resistance by slicing through it when paddling and allowing for excellent maneuverability. The Inflatable Pontoons are connected by a frame, which also contains the paddles and the sitting area for the user. Inflatable pontoon boats are paddled similar to a rowboat, and the frame of the Pontoon boat makes paddling these boats easy.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Niagra and Horsehoe falls

The water flow on the American side of the falls is much less in strength because of Goat Island,  whereas Horseshoe Falls has no obstruction to divert it. The view of Niagra and Horsehoe falls is breathtaking. Be prepared to get soaked and keep your cameraes covered.
 Whirlpool Rapids is down river a bit and you can take a power boat ride through the rapids its great fun.  At the bottom of Niagra falls, the water travels 15 miles over many gorges and whirl pools to enjoy.
The guides will tell you of the great history of Niagra falls and how they were formed.
You should visit the slide shows they are fun and educational on the falls and how they began.
Niagra falls has many small parks with picnic tables and benches to rest and eat. Remember to take plenty of water and snacks. The trollies are fun to ride and go along the entire Niagara escarpment with many stops to enjoy all the different sites.
 The Niagara Falls are huge waterfalls on the Niagara River, straddling the international border between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.

Monday, April 14, 2014

float trip or river rafting

How to catch fish on a float trip or river rafting.  If you like to catch fish,bass pike,pan fish then try a float trip or river rafting. Float trips or rafting can be fun to do and catch some fish along the way.
  If you like to go rafting or  canoeing why not catch some fish for a shore dinner. The first thing you need to do is plan what river or stream has access to leave your vehicles. You need to leave a vehicle at the starting point and at the end of the trip. A map of the area is a great help. Make sure you are not crossing any private property . Some land owners that own land on both sides of the water might not want you drift fishing through their property. The best thing about this is all you need to do is paddle along with the current.
  Take plenty of food and drinks. Make sure to take a good selection of fish bait. I have caught some very nice smallmouth bass on float fishing trips. The best bait I have found is drifting a night crawler along the edges of the ripples and swifter water. Use a small split shot a couple feet up from the hook , just hook the worm a couple times. Cast the worm up stream and let it bump along the bottom through the ripples. Softcraws or crawdads are great to use ,make sure you keep the cool and out of the sun.
Fishing bass baits

Thursday, March 27, 2014


THE HULL TRUTH is the world's largest FREE network for the discussion of Boating & Fishing. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Five fishing boats

SITKA, Alaska (AP) - Five fishing boats each from Sitka and Homer are carrying electronic monitoring equipment as part of a pilot program to see if electronic monitoring is more effective than having observers onboard in gathering data for fisheries management.
The Daily Sitka Sentinel  reports longliners from the two communities have been participating in the pilot project by the Alaska Longline Fishermen's Association since early March.
The equipment consists of two cameras mounted on stabilizers that capture the image of every fish that comes over the rail along with GPS coordinates.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheap Tickes to Vacation Spots

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Friday, May 03, 2013

Pleasure Boats

Since its first publication in 1970, Boatbuilding Manual has become the standard reference in boatbuilding and boat design schools, in the offices of professional builders, and in the basement workshops of home builders. No other boatbuilding text has simultaneously served the disparate needs of professional and amateur audiences so successfully. Carl Cramer, the publisher of WoodenBoat and Professional Boatbuilder magazines, has fully updated this fifth edition with the latest in boatbuilding techniques and developments.
Since it first appeared in 1991, Don Casey’s This Old Boat has helped tens of thousands of sailors refurbish older fiberglass boats and has become a revered classic among boat rehabbers.This second edition is revised from first page to last with new information on electrical systems, diesel engines, refrigeration, resins, plumbing and more. Plus, more than 600 newly created illustrations enhance the book’s beauty as well as its utility.
Pleasure Boats Books and Information